Ziad Joseph is “A hydrographer by profession and photographer by passion” whose focus has been on depicting the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago with his project. Due to his professional background, Ziad gravitates toward the coast with an expressed love for capturing dynamic seascapes and engaging coastal scenes.
Some of Ziad's accomplishments so far have been:
The opportunity to have his photography published in local magazines; Ins and Outs of Trinidad and Tobago as well as Discover T&T
First place winner in the Trinidad and Tobago Photographic Society's 2018 competition in the Landscape Photography Category
First place overall in the 2018 My Trinidad and Tobago Photography competition organized and jointly hosted by the European Union in Trinidad and Tobago and Alliance Française Trinidad and Tobago
Exhibited in the Trinidad and Tobago National Museum's 2018 exhibition titled "Through My Lens" with two (2) Curator's choice pieces.
In April 2019, Ziad was invited by Horizons Art Gallery  in collaboration with the Trinidad Hilton to exhibit in the first edition of the year  of the series "Art at the Hilton" where the theme was "Around the Savannah"
Later on in 2019 Ziad was able to retain first place in the yearly Trinidad & Tobago Photographic Society competition in the landscape category with the piece "Morning Star"
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